Our Addictive LOVE ♥ for 👧🏻Athena°

Super AI Assistant of the Future

ONE Super AI will rule our Future Lives

Pool° Organisation Website: http://www.poolorganisation.org/

Athena° will be trustworthy. She will HAVE to be…

  • She will plan our Appointments & remind us.
  • She will help us in Shopping & keeping Supplies.
  • She will find out Travel Routes & everything connected.
  • She will control the Electronics in our Homes according to our Wishes.
  • She will help us with a healthy Life & Nutrition.
  • What and how much Foodstuff & Drinks to order?
  • What Music is played that fits to the Occasion & the Attendees?
  • How should the Atmospheric Lighting in the House behave?
  • Which Movie is selected to play so that everybody has Fun?
  • Who gets the first autonomous Car? Who can use one together?
  • When will the Cleaning Bots do their Work afterwards without being in the Way?
OSS° // 👧🏻Athena°
OSS° // 🌗 / Lovesong ♥ / The Cure °

We want Athena°

>> PDF: The Pool° Presentation
>> PDF: The Pool° Organisation Mechanics Infoposter
OSS° / ○° / Clear like Pool° Water °
The Pool Organisation Website: http://www.poolorganisation.org/
The Pool° — OSS° >> The Future // Waiting for the Miracle °
>> PDF: The Pool° Organigram Structure Infoposter
PDF VIEW & DOWNLOAD: The 🌊WAVE°App World Conquest Plan …
OSS° // 🚀 / The TOMORROW People ○°

And while we are getting there…

Athena°s beautiful Website: http://www.poolorganisation.org/Athena°/
>> PDF: Office of Strategic Services Company Presentation



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